4AG20v blacktop 

Engine : 4AG20v Blacktop

Look how messy the wiring of the computer .

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it neat and tidy but for a person like him, everything can do. He has 6 years of experience in wiring and more than 10 years in car accessories. Wow! 

This is a customer car that he had been working on since 2 days ago. he’s done on the wiring part due to customer complaints because of sometimes missed out or knocking  .   A problem like this normally related to the wiring diagrams, so he had to drive down to test and identify the cause. 

Wiring is a good opportunity for big income but only if you have the passion and knowledgeable about it. 


Life after resigned

Hello , it’s been so long . 

Just to shared, I’ve resigned from my former work and do it my own since 16th August 2016. Well, it’s never easy to manage on your own business but I am truly blessed to have the love of my life to be by my side and truth friends.

Beside, its normal having some issues when you on your own.  There’s always the upside down moments.  But the best feeling when I leave the  company is I have more space on my own and time to be with my love. I am feeling so much better, relieving and less argument. 




hello, its been awhile since my last post.  hoping everyone is in good health and happy.

today i wanna share with you about engine modified. when we mention about super car most likely everyone knows what type of car i am referring to. right? the most famous movie in related with Super Car/ street race of coz not other than Fast And Furious (F&F) .

Western and Japan country is the most famous in modifying cars but so does our local here as we called our self “Sabahan people” . Super cars is owned by most Chinese people. well, we have some talented mechanic engineer too in modifying engines. From local made Proton wira to Evo’s  to lancer and more. Malaysia is known as Copycat idea through other country’s invention . hahahaha.

Refer to the pictures above some of the car is made or modified to upgrade horsepower. in other words, Engine modification is an adjustment to the internal combustion to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is performed to yield optimal performance, to increase anengine’s power output, economy, or durability.

I may not have all the experience or education in modifying but i believe through my hard work and passion i can be the best. i am still in learning even tho i have done over and over in dyno (car tuning).