Everyone has their own dreams and passion in life so do i. my passion of life is to become a successful and well known mechanic. When referring to the words “mechanic” it’s not just a basic simple work what mechanic is doing but much more different in related with performance part such as turbo. For few years back, I was just a simple mechanic with not much knowledge in engine performance but now after went through so much experience and learning a lot of things I’m confidently in what I am doing today.

What can I do for you? What is my specialty?

  1. Repairing & maintenance
  2. Servicing
  3. Electrical wiring
  4. Accessories
  5. Performance car tuning
  6. Modified parts & equipment
  7. etc

What is my real interesting in this line?


I love cars so much especially supercar! My favorites are Mitsubishi EVOs.  I put a lot of hard work in doing things, learning with my passion, dreams and inspiration. I may not the best in automotive performance line, i believe when i do modified it is  also part of learning  and i cant say that I know everything but what I can ensure you will be satisfied with me. 

Let me understand you what’s automotive performance are.  In automotive performance line, there’s a few different “stages” we need to consider when apply to vehicle, the pros & cons.  Before we can apply to what you want instead of what you need, I need to ensure the reliability and performance to reduce time and costing. Well, I need to consider somehow the logic way on how things should be done.

Example: to upgrade some components, other components or electronics needed attention for compensate or complement such in upgrading. Many performance retailers that are specialize in one platform or another will always have different views and recommended its own from one platform to another.

So in related with car performance, are you seeking in high horsepower, or just a healthy bump as reliable and consistent? In considering how much cost you willing to spend or how comprehensive the upgrading you want it to be?

Generally, car performance is related to engine modification and that’s exactly is my passion and interesting in life-career.



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