Subaru -Recon

hey! how do you do?

wishing you all have a great day!

it is very inspiring when seeing him or knowing that he is an independent worker and owner. doing all those repairing independently it’s not an easy job but with the spirit of competitions in him everything seem easy and can be done. it is also truth that nothing is impossible when we have the passion. sometime i do understand giving him a pressure is wrong but that is actually made him today. the challenge in everyday life he accepted  for just two days to finish customer’s car.  Although he is working independently without workers but the end of the day the good things paid off. satisfaction is the top happiness in life especially within inside us. cheers!

car: Subaru (recon)

workload done for customer:

  1. changing engine mounting
  2. changing of spark plug
  3. service

4. testing on the engine

the sound is perfect! good to go!



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