Fair lady, and it’s RED colour!  

Fair lady

What an expensive car! I like the color, Red. It’s always a great feeling when accepting customers car especially when he trust you and only you to touch his car.

Damn!  I really admired the colour. Wish I had one 😂 joking! 

Finally done. This car is good to go. We have to be very careful when handling work’s repair to the customer car . A highly performance parts isn’t something that everyone can do. I have faith in him from the day we met. His dreams, his experiences, his passionate towards motors sport, racetrack, performance parts, tuning and electronic instruments etc making him a decision to stand alone.

Like I always heard he says ‘the spirit of competition. ‘

From car accessories to car repairs , to electronic wiring , engine tuning to modified engine and maybe more than I ever know.

As for this red red fair lady, changing off braked pad, send to engineering for skim disk rotor , testing on road for brake and done with servicing . Walla! ♡  👍


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