I’m a workaholic that turned me into life passion. Others might think that I’m crazy because when I start working I won’t stop until my limits. 😂😂😂 

Are you guys curious to know what I do for living? Hehe

Well I’m just a mechanic! 

But I’m a mechanic with knowledge and experiences  in  modified cars and engine. My speciality in wiring and accessories parts.

I loves cars 🚘 especially super car! I like skyline but my favourites are Mitshubishi EVOs imported from Japan. It started from EVO1 to EVO10.

 I ♡ Evo3 , Evo6 Evo7, Evo9. 

I owned a super car with mostly modified – my engine mitshubishi VR4. I spend a lot of money in modifying the car. It’s not supra, skyline neither not EVO 😂😂😂 it’s wiralution! Hahaha  a Malaysian brand proton wira turned to EVO. Well, Malaysian cars is known as copying from Other country. 

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