My passion in motorsport in the age of 14.

As i grew up started following my dad to his work place and explored new thing , seeing people around me with different kind of background yet some are kind, soft spoken but most are the rude kind, rich, poor ,inteligent , lazy and many more.

I remembered so well that my dad like to shared everything such as how to protect myself from being bully, shared about what sort of people in the world, he’s also advise me with a lot of thing  on how to face and get through everyday life. Yes i know i was quite young and dont know what life is but im glad tho i’ve the best dad ever.

My dad work as a taxi driver just to earned money to support our family for everyday meals. I am respect with my dad no matter how struggle he is to find money he never shows us the pain he is going through. We are poor yet we still a happy little familys.

My dad loves car too as he always teach me few knowlegde about car and wanted me to be a succesful mechanic someday until then that is how my passion begin.

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