Subaru -Recon

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it is very inspiring when seeing him or knowing that he is an independent worker and owner. doing all those repairing independently it’s not an easy job but with the spirit of competitions in him everything seem easy and can be done. it is also truth that nothing is impossible when we have the passion. sometime i do understand giving him a pressure is wrong but that is actually made him today. the challenge in everyday life he accepted  for just two days to finish customer’s car.  Although he is working independently without workers but the end of the day the good things paid off. satisfaction is the top happiness in life especially within inside us. cheers!

car: Subaru (recon)

workload done for customer:

  1. changing engine mounting
  2. changing of spark plug
  3. service

4. testing on the engine

the sound is perfect! good to go!



It’s Never too Late to Live Your Dreams. Here are 5 ways to do it! (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

1. Forget New Year’s resolutions. While they may have their time and place, this isn’t about what you can do better. We aren’t talking about exercising more or being more organized. We are thinking about this differently—from the outside in.

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Cleanup fuel tank (Toyota 5SFE)

For those that may not know how its effects from fuel tank to the vehicle’s performance from now on we have to considering the importance of it. For a good advisor and supportive mechanic like him, i have always gain knowledge regarding car parts and maintenance. We may need to look at the fuel injectors and the air intake to make sure everything is clean and no obstruction. Fuel injector and air intake very important because the combination from both generates car’s power. Poor fuel economy is one of troubling sign so in order to keep car maintenance last long use only recommendation from people you trust. 

Well, now that i know the important of car maintenance. A women like me wouldn’t know anything or i may say I have never care about it accept driving. hahaha

Video uploaded on job cleaning up fuel tank for engine 5SFE .

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a great day! 

Fair lady, and it’s RED colour!  

Fair lady

What an expensive car! I like the color, Red. It’s always a great feeling when accepting customers car especially when he trust you and only you to touch his car.

Damn!  I really admired the colour. Wish I had one 😂 joking! 

Finally done. This car is good to go. We have to be very careful when handling work’s repair to the customer car . A highly performance parts isn’t something that everyone can do. I have faith in him from the day we met. His dreams, his experiences, his passionate towards motors sport, racetrack, performance parts, tuning and electronic instruments etc making him a decision to stand alone.

Like I always heard he says ‘the spirit of competition. ‘

From car accessories to car repairs , to electronic wiring , engine tuning to modified engine and maybe more than I ever know.

As for this red red fair lady, changing off braked pad, send to engineering for skim disk rotor , testing on road for brake and done with servicing . Walla! ♡  👍